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Prescription drug pricing

Never overpay for prescriptions again- now that’s clever!

Many employees pay a prescription drug copay and therefore are not aware of the actual cost of a medication. This is where education and continuous communication promote educated spending.

One of the apps we ask employees to use before purchasing any medication and preferably before leaving the doctor’s office, is Clever Rx. This app provides a list of local pharmacies where specific medications can be purchased, and the cash cost of the medication.

Find the best RX Prices at Locations Near You


Click on the image below or Click Here to print a card to show to your pharmacist to save big on your prescriptions, compliments of Braden Benefits.

Follow the instructions below to save when you download the Clever RX app!

Step 1: Click HERE to download the FREE Clever RX app or go to your app store and download the “Clever RX” App. Make sure you enter 7056 in Group ID and 1000 in Member ID. This will unlock exclusive savings for you and your family!

Step 2: Search for your medication. Clever RX searches your medication, zip code and multiple pharmacies to find you the lowest price! Savings can be up to 80% compared to what you’re currently paying.

Step 3: Click the voucher with the best price at your favorite pharmacy and when you get to the pharmacy, simply show the voucher on your phone to the pharmacist to get your discount.

Step 4: Click “Share” on the bottom of the Clever RX app to send your family to receive instant discounts on their prescription drugs.

Now that is not only clever, it is Clever RX