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When employees have health insurance crises, it is not always between the hours of 9 to 5. If they call the insurance company’s 800 number, they may get a machine or a person who cannot assist them.

For this reason, For this reason, we give every employee our cell phone number. We know if there is going to be an issue serious enough to call after hours or on the weekend, it is a serious problem.

Many times, these calls revolve around an employee needing an ID card. Our staff has the ability to pull cards from the insurance carrier’s website, as do employees. The good news for employees is the industry is transitioning to mobile connections, so employees will access ID cards from their cell phones.

Situations that require 24/7 after-hours support

It’s a BABY, six weeks early. When this couple arrived at the hospital, his wife in labor, the employee could not find his ID card. While the emergency room personnel took Mom to the delivery room, they stopped Dad at the entrance so they could obtain his insurance information, which he could not provide. He did have our cell phone number and even though it was 4 a.m., he called her for help. Our staff was able to retrieve the employee’s ID number, which she provided to the hospital, and Dad made it in time for the delivery.

Imagine being on vacation and your child comes down with a 104 fever. This is what happened to one family on vacation in Colorado. Their young daughter was running a fever of 104 and needed treatment. The parents called Braden Benefits, concerned about going out-of-network, especially since they were on an HMO product. Our staff was able to help them locate an in-network facility and document that the medical provider would be billed accordingly.