Creating Superior Healthcare Benefit Plans

Braden Benefit Strategies, Inc., is your expert in employee benefit solutions. We have the experience, knowledge and resources of a large agency, with the hands-on caring of a small agency.

Our team focuses on the successful creation and delivery of health insurance benefit plans for employers with up to 300 employees. We provide the analysis, strategic planning and compliance like a large agency, along with back-room support including employee education, claims resolution and 24/7 access to our management team.

Purchasing Coalition Solutions

Braden Benefit Strategies works with franchise corporations that have multiple large franchisees, medical practice groups, and independent practice associations (IPAs) aggregating employees to create the purchasing power of a large group.

Organizations know the importance of healthcare and the pressures healthcare benefit costs have on businesses. Braden Benefits provides expertise in designing and managing sustainable health insurance benefit program for affinity groups.


If you can envision it – we will figure it out!

Our consulting services are designed to resolve problems. Too many times there is an idea, a question – “Can we do XYZ? We think it could reduce our health insurance costs?” And the agent’s automatic answer is “No.” At Braden Benefit Strategies, we don’t do “No.” We figure it out. We actually like the challenge.

Our clients tell us they believe Braden Benefits is invested in their success,
And We


Our Mission

To be an invaluable resource to companies with up to 300 employees by creating employee benefit packages best-suited to the individual company and its employees’ unique needs and financial ability.

Small-to-medium-size companies are often at a disadvantage when it comes to development, design, communication, and the legal requirements of administering their employee benefits. In addition, technology for enrollment and reporting can be expensive. Companies with less than 300 employees depend on the knowledge, expertise and wisdom of their health insurance agent for these services and more. Braden Benefit Strategies is a known expert in this market segment providing in-depth services, knowledge and collaboration.

Employer Purchasing Coalitions Programs

Franchisees, medical practice groups, and medical group IPA organizations are often given little or no direction in one of their most important and costly business decisions–health insurance. Our Affinity program provides a sustainable product (inclusive of the consulting we provide to our small group clients) which includes our experience in working with small businesses. The depth of our experience is critical in meeting the small business owner’s needs when operating inside a larger organization.

Our Core Values

Do the right thing

No matter what

Embrace change

Industry Leader

Recognize our abilities

Manage to them


Company, clients, client employees and ourselves

Continuous learning

Individually and in the industry

Be Genuine

Meet Our Key Players

Victoria Braden

Victoria Braden

President and CEO

Braden is a nationally recognized expert in the group employee benefits arena. In 2002, she founded Braden Benefit Strategies, Inc. and the company grew quickly. Braden was soon recognized by The National Association of Health Underwriters as......

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The CEO's Guide to Buying Health Insurance, by Victoria J. Braden

This booklet is written for the CEO or group benefits decision maker. Group health insurance has many nuances, and no single answer will fit every company. The information in this booklet provides general answers specific to the laws in the state of Georgia and is geared to companies with less than three hundred employees...