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Once we’ve completed the annual renewal, analysis, plan design and benefit implementation, the next phase begins: the ongoing management of the benefits program.

In smaller companies where each employee wears many hats, the administrative person is often overwhelmed and in need of support. With the implementation of Obamacare and the new administrative requirements that goes with it, employee benefit management has become even more demanding. Timely employee onboarding and employee termination notifications are critical as missed deadlines may prevent employees and/or their dependents from enrolling in the employer plan until the next open enrollment. Or, an employer might have to pay the monthly premiums for an employee who was not terminated in a timely manner.

Braden Benefit Strategies works beside administrators, taking the pressure off the system, assisting employees, answering questions and resolving claims. If you are an administrator and an employee comes to you for help, all you need to do is hand him or her one of our cards. We take it from there.

Technology designed to support

We provide all our clients with a basic human resources information system (HRIS) program that is designed to support your processes. We believe the use of technology is a key in reducing mistakes, often made by human error, and that it can serve as a valuable resource to employees when they’re searching for basic answers to their benefit questions. Our program is cloud-based and affords employees 24/7 access to their benefits information, payroll deductions, benefit plan designs, legal notices and wellness information.

The following video is used when introducing a company to electronic enrollment for the first time and later in the year for new employees.

Our entire HRIS package is available to management and included in our commission. There is no additional expense.

The system provides our clients with the ability to use as much or as little of the functionality as necessary to meet your particular needs. Our goal is to take pressure off your system.

Our current focus is to work with our clients to record employee PTO. This can be entered into the HRIS program and reported as needed.

This program allows our clients to manage the human resource function not only in terms of benefits, but also in areas such as PTO, onboarding and CE tracking.

You may already have a system or be using your payroll company’s program. We have the ability to interact with many of the payroll companies, either using your current system or marrying the two systems to allow a seamless integration.