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Victoria Braden

President and CEO

Braden began her benefits insurance career in 1994 and founded Braden Benefit Strategies, Inc. in 2002. In 2012, together with Al Schiebel and Erica Dumpel, created GA Health Agents Agency (GHAA), a collaboration of premier employee benefit agency owners, focused on innovating and transforming the complexities of employee benefits. Today, GHAA has 7 partnerships within the consortium. In 2019, GHAA/Braden Benefit Strategies, Inc. will affiliate with NFP, the 8th largest insurance agency in the United States.

Braden believes the future of benefits insurance will be driven by technology and data, allowing consultants the ability to design healthcare plans specific to the needs of clients.

Braden continues to bring her forward-thinking approach to other agents as she joins partner, Wanda Shaw, in launching Franchise Benefit Solutions, a General Agency. Franchise Benefit Solutions is focused on working with agents and groups with less than 500 employees to create sustainable benefit solutions outside of what are considered traditional models today.

Prior to Braden’s entrance into the benefits arena, she held management positions at Johnson & Johnson, McNeil Consumer Products, Borden Foods, and the Pillsbury Company. Her experience and knowledge of the benefit structures at these large corporations has helped Braden Benefit Strategies, Inc. successfully craft competitive plans and cost containment measures for clients.

Braden has represented small businesses on Capitol Hill testifying before a House committee in 2011 regarding the “Cost of PPACA Implementation to Small Businesses”, and in 2004, on “The Benefits of Health Savings Accounts.” Braden Benefit Strategies, Inc. recognizes ACA as a complete transformation of the delivery of health insurance in America. As such, the company has led the way in ACA education, working to correct the rampant misunderstanding of employer requirements, identifying potential ACA financial liability, providing long-term financial planning and answering employee’s questions as to how the law will affect them.

Under Braden’s leadership, the company has added consulting services for businesses interested in ACA and/or DOL compliance, strategic financial benefit planning, and ACA employee education. Braden’s knowledge, reputation, humor, and passion for small business and employee benefit planning has made her a sought-after speaker, commentator, and writer. Braden received her undergraduate degree from Western Illinois University, her CBC from the National Association of Alternative Benefit Consultants (NAABC) and ACA certification from NAHU.