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Victoria Braden, Chief Strategic Officer of Braden Benefit Strategies, Inc., has earned distinguished recognition as a Health Rosetta Associate Advisor.


Health Rosetta helps public and private employers provide better care for 157 million Americans while reducing health benefits spending by 20-40%.

This meets a critical need for businesses in these economically challenging times.

The rising costs of healthcare impose a significant burden on today’s businesses.

Each year, employers face hard financial decisions with health insurance ranking as the second most expensive line item. Employers often feel forced to lower quality standards to ensure affordability.

This affects the American people as household medical debt continues to grow.

But there are better solutions.

Health Rosetta is at the forefront of groundbreaking expertise eliminating price gouging and unnecessary hidden incentives within the health care delivery system. This accelerates the adoption of simple, practical, and non-partisan solutions.

The Health Rosetta Model:

  • Substantial savings: 10-40% annually.
  • Healthcare costs are predictable to budget from year to year.
  • A fully transparent plan that is designed to benefit the client.
  • High-quality, affordable healthcare that leads to happier, higher-performing employees.

The role of a health plan advisor provides a detailed analysis of existing plans and makes recommendations for alternatives when appropriate.

By being a Health Rosetta Advisor Associate, Victoria Braden is further equipped to provide cutting-edge techniques and services that employers can trust.

Victoria Braden is an expert in her field with 30 years of experience and is recognized by the National Association of Health Underwriters as one of the top one percent of Health Insurance Agents in the nation.

She represented small businesses on Capitol Hill testifying before a House Committee in 2011 regarding “The Cost of PPACA Implementation to Small Businesses,” and in 2004, on “The Benefits of Health Savings Accounts.”

In addition, Braden’s book, The CEO’s Guide to Buying Health Insurance is available on Amazon.

Paired with the resources provided by Health Rosetta, Braden’s expertise addresses a crucial demand in these economically challenging times, providing employers with solutions to enhance their healthcare offerings.

Contact us if you need more information on how your company can provide more affordable and quality healthcare for your employees.


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