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Focused on small businesses with 20 to 300 employees

What is a NextGen Agent? A health insurance broker who is invested in the future and solving the continued renewal cycle of increasing premiums.

Yes, but how you ask? There are several options available to small and medium size businesses that the average broker has not educated themselves on. Options that will help employers control their long-term premium rate increases.

Why you ask? Why have these brokers not embraced the evolving options? There are any number of reasons. The most common are:

  • The new options require a great deal of knowledge and understanding
  • They require more work on the part of the broker
  • They are transparent and show the client what the broker earns 
  • They have loss ratios and other important statistics that the broker may not know how to communicate to the client

How do you know if your current broker is a Legacy Thinking agent? 

If they tell their clients the new programs are risky, not proven, not something the client should consider at the current time. That is a Legacy Agent.