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Employers Beware!

Simply ‘shopping’ your health insurance every year may not be enough.


You are not only committing your company’s money to the monthly premium, but you are also using employee funds to pay for a portion of the health insurance cost.

This puts you in a fiduciary role.

While business owners have historically faced minimal regulation in this capacity, change is imminent.

The recent Johnson & Johnson class action lawsuit initiated by employees shines a spotlight on corporate responsibilities.

I found this article by Benefits Pro helpful in discussing the ramifications of this lawsuit.

As employers, it’s crucial to stay proactive, and I strongly recommend you get ahead of this.

Evaluate your Broker Arrangement

Evaluate if your relationship with a commissioned insurance broker truly serves your best interests. Do they possess the expertise to offer sound advice? Are you giving the broker enough details to really help you?

Don’t Compromise Quality Care

Too often, business owners think it’s better to decrease the health benefits to save money. But what if this strategy ultimately incurs greater expenses? What if high costs deter employees from seeking necessary care, leading to exacerbated medical conditions and inflated claims costs upon renewal?

The Good News

It does not have to be this way! There are new and different ways to control the cost of your health insurance while making sure your employees have the healthcare they need.

Join us as we explore new avenues to ensure both financial prudence and comprehensive healthcare coverage for your team.



Victoria Braden



With 30 years of experience, specializing in group health insurance for small to medium size companies in the state of Georgia who are looking for affordable and quality employee benefit solutions.